An Introduction to $POODL: The Meme Token owned by the Community!

  1. Hello, friend! Welcome to $POODL !
  2. 1. Tokenomics:
  3. 2. Why $POODL?
  4. 3. Will $POODL save the world?

Hello, friend! Welcome to $POODL !

$POODL combines the power of internet culture and DeFi to create the currency of the future. Like it’s big brother DOGE it’s a meme coin, and like it’s other brother HOGE it’s deflationary, but unlike other meme coins, $POODL is the first one to be entirely run by the community, which gives him all the pads and love he so desperately needs! We believe that everyone who is part of our movement is equally important and that together we can create a truly unique and awesome culture which $POODL will represent in it’s value!

1. Tokenomics:

$POODL is an ERC20-token based on the Ethereum blockchain. $POODL had 100,000,000,000,000 tokens as original supply, no new token can be minted:

  • 95% of provided liquidity is locked
  • 1% of every transaction is permanently burned
  • 1% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to all holders of POODL token depending on the amount they have

This means every time $POODL is bought or sold, your amount of $POODL will grow while the total amount of $POODL will become less and less! Right now, 89,894,305,682,939 Token are left, which means more than 10% of all tokens are already burned!

Because $POODL is entirely run by the community, there were no token provided to the dev team, everyone bought in the same way.

2. Why $POODL?

Because there is no “I” in $POODL! The strength of $POODL comes from it’s community and the involvement of everyone in the project. The path this good boi is going to take is decided by those who want to be part of the journey. Everyone is needed, if it’s by spreading the word about us on social media, creating cool memes, videos, gifs or other content, helping the team with technical issues or just hanging in the $POODL channels and spreading good vibes!

3. Will $POODL save the world?

The community of $POODL is determined to also make a difference in the physical world. To achieve this, we already have decided to create a charity wallet for donations from the community. We will let the the community chose the charity these donations will go towards. It might not save the world but it’s a step in the right direction!

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$POODL TOKEN ADDRESS: 0x56a980328aee33aabb540a02e002c8323326bf36

Locked Liquidity: