BroccoliFinance — Yield Farming LAUNCH!


If you are familiar with BSC yield farming, you must have heard of the famous food farm like Pancake, Kebab, or even the rug pulled Popcorn swap. All these platforms launched without a proper system like burning mechanism and timelock, and hope people will jump into the pool. We are taking this to the next level. We are now proposing a 2nd Generation yield farming mechanism that allows perpetual price increase with a sustainable and profitable farming yield with a timelock contract at launch!

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the place to be in DeFi at the moment, no question about it. You only have to witness the sheer number of pancake-swap style Automated Market Makers (AMM’s) launching every single day to see how fast the space is growing.

Unfortunately, that also means there is no shortage of scams, rug-pulls and even honest projects that just fail to compete — it’s a jungle out there. Please be careful.

For this reason, we take it very seriously when even our own $GIN loving people ask in our Telegram group or on our social channels “what are you doing to differentiate yourselves?” “how do I know my funds are safe in GinFinance?” or even the simple, but brutal “When rug”?.

The Real Reasons for “Why GinFinance?”

In the jungle, the lion may well sleep at night. We’ve been hard at work building partnerships, adding features to our platform and creating utility for our $GIN tokens. It’s time to take stock — if you have yet to join our 6,000 strong (and growing) GinFinance community firstly, what are you waiting for? Secondly, you probably won’t know about everything we’ve done so far to make GinFinance the place to be on BSC! So here’s a refresher: