Crypto opportunity still valid today

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Blockchain technology keeps advancing every day and new projects and blockchains all over the world are popping up almost daily.

More people are buying cryptocurrencies and the market is booming all this year long!

The question is, for how much more will it go like this before the next market value correction?

Others will say tomorrow, others will say in a month or in a year or whatever ;)

While I do understand that the cryptocurrencies scene is volatile and will continue having crazy pump-ups and drop-downs, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities out there…

It goes by the fancy name UnstoppableDomains and is the single provider for the .crypto domain space!

That means, that if you want to buy the domain name mybusinessname.crypto you will have to go to that website to do so.

But, hey, wait a moment…

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What is an UnstoppableDomain and why is it important?

Any domain name under the .crypto namespace has some really unique properties which I will present below.

To begin with, .crypto domain names are stored in the crypto wallet of their owner like a cryptocurrency!

No Domain Renewal yearly fees and no third party can them away. You buy once and you have it forever!

Once you pay the Gas fees to transfer it to your wallet or to the marketplace for sale, you don’t have to pay renewal fees ever again.

With a .crypto domain name, anyone can host some static websites directly on the Ethereum blockchain!

Do you understand this? Anyone can host a simple website directly over the blockchain, and never pay any hosting fees!

Also, no one will be able to shut your website down due to censorship or similar rules.

I mean like.. what?!!!

Please take some time to really understand that anyone can buy a domain name like this, and Host something on it, forever for free, for everyone to see!

.crypto domains are not hosted within the standard DNS that’s controlled by ICANN Organisation. .crypto domains are controlled only by their owner and can not be censored.

But how is this possible you might ask…

To understand how everything works, you will need to read more about the UnstoppableDomains and about the IPFS which stands for InterPlanetary File System.

Recently one more project, Zilliqa also began offering .zil domain names with the same properties as the .crypto.

Also, did I mention anything about a .crypto domain name acting as an Alias for all of your cryptocurrency wallet addresses? :)

Let me explain myself.

Today, if you want to send to me or anyone else some cryptocurrency, you need to have my wallet address.

And so far, the cryptocurrency wallet addresses are some long multiple character text and symbol strings, and QR codes.

So to send any crypto to anyone, you must have his/her Wallet address, or their QR code, which contains their address.

Really, not that much convenient.

With UnstoppableDomains, you can get a domain name like myname.crypto and then connect your wallets to this domain name.

So, anyone can type in their wallets, send 1bitcoin to myname.crypto and that's all! The coins will come to you!

Watching the following video might explain things better than me :)

Visit UnstoppableDomains now, and invest in buying some .crypto domain names!

Maybe your name, or maybe another domain which you can put for sale!

Some domain ideas and suggestions to help you get inspired are:

land properties related domains
media and news related domains
business and money related domains
sports and athletics-related domains
any niche market or product domain
and many more…

You can also visit the domains marketplace, to see other domains already available for sale.

Currently, only the Opera web Browser supports natively the .crypto and .zil domain names.

For Chrome and Firefox Browsers you will need to download the appropriate extension so you can browse any website which is hosted on the blockchain!

Here is available for Chrome Users
Here is available for Firefox Users

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Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Thank you :)

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