DeltaAMA Series AMA ID: AMA 005 — AMA with @mobifi


Shifu: Hello Yudi! Thanks for joining us and a very warm welcome.

Yudi: Hi everyone, nice to be here, thanks for the invite.

Shifu: Lets begin with few basics, like what MobiFi is? What it is trying to achieve & how it differs from competition.

Yudi: okay sure….. So MobiFi is building the Corda to DeFi bridge that opens the door for traditional cooperates and their consumers to the DeFi space. As far as I know, we are probably the first project that is doing that. This is completely open sourced. Our core product is a mobility payment solution that can turn your dormant mobility fund into investable capital to yield profit for you. If you compare us with those Mobility as a service solution there, we provide more data transparency and payment efficiency, plus a yield engine to turn your mobility credit into profit. There is no other company is doing that.

Shifu: Thats sounds great! Let us know about yourself. How you started in crypto and more specifically your role here in MobiFi.

Yudi: I’m Yudi, live in The Netherlands. Business informatics background from Utrecht University. Working as a data scientist and then IT CTO advisor in Shell headquarter. I am in a hybrid background to both tap into the product and business of the project actually. I made the first iOS prototype in Swift myself. My first time with crypto was actually in my university class. My classmate was sitting next to me and doing some stock trading. And I ask him, what stock are you trading, he told me …. bitcoin. That was in early 2014.

Shifu: Thats super early.. :)

Yudi: didn’t buy a lot tho, poor student haha

Shifu: So the bridge is already there? We have some MVP or what are the timelines and roadmap there? Also what kind of businesses and projects can get benefit from MobiFi tech?

Yudi: The bridge is under development, bridge is hard I have to say. So the first code base will be released hopefully in late Q2. It’s gonna be Corda to Polkadot bridge. We do have a MVP, which we built during the incubation program in Zurich. it’s our mobility solution back end. long term plan can be found on our website. But the up coming big thing for us is to start a pilot soon with a national public transportation operator. The mobility part is built on Corda, permissioned ledger, so it’s enterprise ready and compliant.

Shifu: Sounds exciting!

Yudi: we will announce quite some partnership in the coming weeks, like Oracle, layer-2, identity, etc… forgot to mention…

Yudi: some data markets as well, very important partnership. where they can benefit a lot from our user generate mobility data.

Shifu: What about TGE and token release? That’s the most anticipated milestone for most of the public and community.

Yudi: TGE and token release will be in the first week of Apr (trying to narrow down it a bit haha). My team will announce it later today.

Shifu: Where do you see MobiFi in short term and long term?

Yudi: okay, in short-term, we will be creating the link for our mobility user to invest in the DeFi project, stake their data etc., which is based on the Corda bridge. Of course, we don't take any profit there, it's completely open sourced. Bridge fees will go to the node runner/stakers.

in long-term, we will be linking up all mobility services (bus, scooter, parking, charging etc) and become the global payment system for mobility as a service. We will be replacing all those transportation card, and become the "PayPal" for mobility.

Shifu: That's an ambitious goal and we hope you guys will pull it off! Alright so lets open the floor for few minutes and collect as many questions as possible from community and then you can answer them.

Shifu: Everyone floor is open now and you can post your questions with twitter link.

Community Round

Q: Will MobiFi mechanism also let other incentive programs to work on it or will it be only choice for enterprises? I am asking this as probably it would be hard for enterprises to remove existing one and upgrade to a higher system suddenly.

A: Yes, we definitely have the plan to integrate with existing rewarding system, like Air Miles. We will be working on that so that we can smoothly onboard as many mobility partners as possible.

Q: Adoption is very important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors eyes. What MobiFi has done and plans to do to achieve real-world adoption?

A: what we are trying to do is actually start from the real-world, not just about the bridge to link up the traditional business. also the mobility solution is also based on real world problem, which was validated during our incubation program. Every body needs to move around, mobility is a huge challenge ($1000 billion market) for all big cities in the world.

Shifu: That would be great.

Q: What are the tokens that can we hold on your wallet and how can we stake our tokens on your app and any bug bounty for the app bugs

A: we will be supporting all ERC20 token at the beginning. We are also working with some partners to support some of their native token as well. will disclose more info in the future.

Big bounty program for sure! We will onboard our Polkadot lead developer this weekend ;) waiting for ann. He will be in charge of the bridge development. And then we will start to create a development community for the bridge development.

Shifu: Polka bridge would be real good.

Q: You recently entered into a partnership with Razor! What benefit are MobiFi getting from these partnerships and What's the main reason behind the collaboration? Can you name the partners who have joined the MobiFi for everyone here to know about?

A: Razor, API3 those data provider is very critical to us. not only they provide those real time exchange rate data for the DeFi and swap functionalities, but also we will be using their, eg., mobility data, traffic data, in the future to upgrade my mobility product and offer a better user experience for our customers.

Q: MobiFi partnered with some projects right now, what are the benefits getting for MobiFi with those partnerships?

A: I think this questions is similar to the one below.

Shifu: One question from our side, does using mobility data breaches any privacy and can raise to GDPR compliance issues? How do you plan to tackle it.

A: Good question, everyone is worrying about their data today. Even though most of the people still use Google, Facebook…. so funny.

but yes, we definitely have thought about that. GDPR is important in EU. We will enable user to stake their data, in a anonymous way, into our partners’ data market. where we don’t touch the data at all actually. And we will follow the other GDPR requirements as well, like consent, data storage etc.

Q: Vast majority of Crypto project are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto that will bring greater abundance to the industry?

A: The Corda bridge we are building will open a door for all traditional businesses that live on Corda to leverage the benefits of DeFi, it’s open sourced!

On the other side, the mobility solution we create can solve real society problem, to make a sustainable future for big cities.

Q: As a smart investor, I choose a project with promising potential seen from Tokenomics, good experienced team, clear roadmap, project that makes sense. my question is do you have all of them, and where can I find details about it?

A: it’s on our website, white paper, and of course the easiest way is to join our TG ANN, where we will be listing all the articles, announcement there.

Q: Elaborate us what’s the focus of the now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold tokens? control flexibility, cost and security?

A: Bridge development and onboard mobility service providers. We have to work on a pilot soon with national public transport company, so quite intense months coming up.

Q: What goals do you want to make this year?

A: how about letting everybody know MobiFi is going to change the mobility industry ?

Shifu: That’s a wrap now! Thank You @Yudi Xu — MobiFi for your time and detailed answers. It was really a very informative AMA and thanks @everyone for your time too. AMA transcript will be available on DHC Medium Publications.

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