GeForce CMP 30HX Card Costs $724


Dubai-based retailer Microless was one of the first to put Palit GeForce CMP 30HX on its online store

A specialised mining graphics card (one of the first in its series) costs $724.

We have already written that the novelty is based on the NVIDIA CMP processor. The manufacturer expects that its release will reduce the demand for game versions of GeForce.

Technically, the NE630HX017J9–1160X looks good. It has:

  • 6 gb GDDR6.
  • TDP 125 W.
  • The clock speed of the 1530 MHz GPU with the ability to increase to 1785 MHz while working.
  • Shin 192 bits with a working frequency of 14 GHz. This provides support of up to 336GB/s.

The retailer’s online store does not say how many cores the video card processor has. When you consider that the graphics card is built on the same chip as the GeForce GTX 1660 Super (TU116), it has 1408 CUDA cores. When mining Ethereum, the graphics card develops up to 26 MH/s.

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