$ GETNODE — How to earn passive income in the crypto world


a story about letting your money work for you! → getnode link

(source: ivan on tech academy)


…they are the solution in this articel for high passive income. But anyway setting up masternodes and run them is a lot of work. You need server infrastructure, have to look at them regulary, need to update software, wallets etc… let’s say kind of -not suitable- for the crowd.

Good for us that getnode.io is doing this work for us and automatically pays us for investing in there pooled masternodes. But wait what are masternodes and what are pooled masternodes?
(if you don’t want reading than simply click on this site you will find a video there, just switch to english on the top right corner)

click here for the video (source: getnode.io)

quick excurse: Masternodes are a type of server run (mainly) by community members of a blockchain project. Masternodes run special tasks on a blockchain. They are so to say validators and get back rewards from the blockchain for their work. Good to know that anybody can set up a masternode but mostly you need to hold a specific and high amount of crypto tokens and lock them up into the masternode to run it.

Since a lot of people don’t want or are not able to buy and hold e.g. 1000 Dash to run a masternode. By the way 1000 Dash are necessary to run a Dash Masternode and this is worth 234.000 $ at the time of writing (Dash price 234 $). But luckily this is where GETNODE comes in. They collect money from a bulk of people, set up shared masternodes and distribute the rewards back to us users. (not need to say that they are keeping a fee for running their systems)

How does getnode.io work?

Simply said getnode puts your money in up to 65 different masternodes, they pay you automatically every 14 days and have a high ROI (=return on invest). There are -at the moment- two ways to deposit you money to your getnode dashboard:

first one: via bank transfer (in Euro €)
second and the more comfy one: via bitcoin transaction

Keep in mind at the beginning you need to deposit 1000 € or 0.035 BTC. This will decrease for further depositions…
After your deposit it may take up to 10days for the team to set up masternodes with your money (in my case it was only 5 days). Since then I’m earning constantly BTC!

it’s on german but basically says your money will be distrubuted to 65 Masternodes, automatically payment, deposit in Euro or Bitcoin and earnings every 14 days! (source: getnode.io)

Who are they and are they trustable?

getnode.io is a ltd company with headquater in Malta.
So far as I know, the company is run by two german managers and they have a team of more than 20 employees (according to their homepage).
and now what about the trust thing?
Honestly I was sceptical at the beginning, I always am when investing in things I don’t know personally and you always should be! Only invest the amount of money you are willing to loose when things go bad. Anyway getnode.io is working fine, the are indeed trustable. I put money in their hands and they always make a professional impression to me! There is a lot of educational stuff on their site and they even offer weekly webinars. Also you can always get in touch with them on telegram.

Let’s talk about the serious buisness… how much can I earn?
regarding to their FAQ:
“Basically everything between 0% and 100% is possible within one year. We do not want to commit ourselves to a specific value, simply because it is impossible in this industry. A serious partner in this area runs a clean management and pays its members as often as possible. This is our aspiration, which we try to live up to every day.”

And that means now what?
I did my first deposit 4 months ago and since then I gained an APR rate of 80 % but you have to say that this value is not constant and it fluctuats it can be less or more! But anyway I’m so happy and impressed, it is awesome:)
For detailed earnings I’ll post soon another story…

thanks for reading and I wish you a lot of happy earnings!

now get here on getnode and start with your passive income!

Be aware, only invest money in serious projects and don’t invest more than you are willing to lose.