Hey Pitbros! Community updates


Just saying thanks to the community family, we’re gaining tractions and looking for explosive growth with dedicated community members!

Here’s some updates that you may have missed

We have been reviewed and retweeted by a famous community auditor that you should definitely follow VidarTheAuditor

Review tweet


Upcoming NFTs Designs

Made by sleek our community member Cryptographer

Pitbull Merchs that portion sales proceeds will go to charity

Made with love by community member Ginger Bread

New price bot channel powered by Pricebot


Things that will be happening!

  • New interactive website with live price data, chart, market cap info and stylish interactive components
  • Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, DappRadar, and Blockfolio Listings

What we need as a community to improve

  • Solidity developers
  • Designers
  • Marketers/writers
  • You.. without you to help build this community we won’t be here right now
    Anyone can help!! small or big every bit counts