Introducing NFT’s to The Farming Den ecosystem

  1. NFT Bridge

The past year has been a crazy year for the crypto space, it boomed with the birth of farmers, not your typical farmer👩‍🌾, but digital farmers called “Yield farmers”!

But besides “Yield farmers”, we also witnessed the boom in the Non-fungible tokens industry, where many non-crypto artists started to mint their art as NFT’s.

We can see Hashmasks as an example of a great success of a combination of more than 50+ artists in creating over 16,000 unique NFT’s.

We at The Farming Den are proud to announce that we will have an NFT session in the upcoming months with exclusive NFT features on our platform as well as art that has never been seen anywhere.

The current features that are being worked on as of now with NFT’s on our platform are:

  • Initial DEX Offering
  • Exclusive Yield Farming Pool
  • Exclusive staking
  • Staking Fee Reduction

P.S These are the initial features, we have planned more features for the future, so stay tuned!

NFT Bridge

With the NFT boom, the issue of where the NFT’s are issued arises. An artist mints their art on Ethereum Network, but what if that artist wants to convert that exclusive NFT into another Blockchain?

As of now, such feature is non-existent in the crypto space. We at The Farming Den aim to solve this issue by developing an initial NFT Bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network.

More details regarding the bridge will be released in the future!