My Precious Ring!


Good evening everyone, let us introduce our new currency, the Gollum Token. Everyone wants to hold the precious Ring in their hands and we know how greedy is the human being. That’s why we created the ultimate token, RING. Scarcity is one of the main attributes of the token.

We have currently 2 solidity developers working on it and we can say that the roadmap looks brilliant. Many things to come. We will have a 3d artist working with us making exclusive Lord of The Rings NFT’s. They will be distributed to holders and minted via an future NFT farming mechanism, where users will be able to stake RING and RING/BNB LP tokens into a contract in order to mint unique and exclusive NFT’s.

We will conduct a small private sale to ensure a fast listing on Pancakeswap. Early investors will benefit from several ways that we later will announce.

Follow all the info: