SpiderDAO’s 1st project is growing up!


Today the full team at SpiderDAO is proud to announce a great occasion in the life of our 1st born project, the Spider VPN website.

Spider VPN has grown from a plain website into a fully-fledged project sporting a more mature and professional look, ready to take on the world with a massive increase in both cities and countries served and servers deployed.

This new look includes a new logo, a fully rebranded style and layout in the website which greatly enhances the experience of the users, and a massively expanded country choice. Spider VPN has not only increased the number of countries served but also deployed dedicated 1GB servers in those locations, giving users a faster and more stable connection.

This impressive set of improvements includes;

Bandwidth is now in excess of 500TB per month

An additional 3000 users have joined since January 2021

60 dedicated servers with up to 1GB connection speeds

Over 5TB of malware and spyware blocked

An additional 46 cities are now available all over the globe

All major cities, countries, and continents now served

SpiderDAO a good “parent” to its offspring:

Like all good “parents”, SpiderDAO has nurtured and helped its project grow. As a result of the launch of its wildly successful nesting and LaU (liquidity as utility) programs, Spider VPN has seen a massive increase in users flocking to both the free (from the nesting & LaU programs) and paid for service.

SpiderDAO’s nest program is one of the most generous and rewarding programs in the marketplace, offering not only market-leading APY returns but a substantial range of additional benefits in the form of FREE world-class Spider VPN routers and service. Why not take advantage of this amazing offer and participate right now.

Our nesting program can be found here https://stake.spiderdao.io/#/

SpiderDAO’s LaU (liquidity as Utility) program is building up to be a significant part of the SpiderDAO ecosystem. Users can participate in a wide and growing range of programs with both SpiderDAO and a growing list of our partners' coins. By staking in the various Liquidity pool partnerships, users not only receive a return on their stake but also receive various FREE benefits in the form of Spider VPN routers and services.

To participate in the SpiderDAO LaU program and receive FREE Spider VPN routers and services please visit here https://lau.spiderdao.io/#/

SpiderDAO’s LaU program is growing by the week and we are constantly signing up new partnerships who see the outstanding value in participation, both for their project as well as their members. The additional benefit our partners' users receive in the form of free Spider VPN Routers and services is an attractive proposition.

To date the following companies have an active LaU program:

AnRkey X : https://lau.spiderdao.io/anrkeyx
FireProtcol : https://lau.spiderdao.io/fire
SpiderDAO : https://lau.spiderdao.io/

The following companies will shortly be implementing a LaU program:

Royale Finance : https://royale.finance/
Razor Network : https://razor.network/
Bondly : https://www.bondly.finance/
ExeedMe : https://www.exeedme.com/
Kylin Network : https://kylin.network/

We are always open to any new projects that would like to participate in our LaU program, if you are one such project, please contact our admin managers on telegram here:


SpiderDAO’s nesting and LaU programs have resulted in a substantial increase in traffic and users to the Spider VPN website and as the future rollout of the programs extends to carefully chosen partners, Spider VPN can expect a further increase in its user base.

Nathan Varty, SpiderDAO’s CEO commented on the milestone saying “Spider VPN is our 1st project and like any proud “parent” we want to see it grow and succeed. As a team, we are committed to developing our DAO in accordance with our roadmap and are immensely proud of the fact that we will be deploying our testnet next week, right on schedule”.

About SpiderDAO

Founded in 2020, SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of the Polkadot Network. Its first product utilizes the SpiderConnect Router to provide the first provable, open-source, and fully decentralized VPN where all user data is encrypted through a multi-layer, secured protocol to ensure that network traffic is fully secured and totally private when leaving or entering the network.

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