SportX Spring Cup — Day 1 Recap

  1. 🚀 Rout of the Day: #1 Gibbler (+$14,206) vs. #16 DolphinMan3 ($0)
  2. 🚨 Upset of the Day:
  3. 📈 Comeback of the Day: #4 PTitty (+$146) vs. #13 Eric (+$14)
  4. 🗓 Key Dates
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It was a very exciting day 1 of the SportX Spring cup with lots of upsets, a couple of absolute beatdowns, and some magical comebacks.

Before we get ready for a very exciting day 2, here’s a recap from the first day of the 1st round matchups!

🚀 Rout of the Day: #1 Gibbler (+$14,206) vs. #16 DolphinMan3 ($0)

Gibbler laid down a beating of the century, racing to a record single-day +$14.2k profit. As Gibbler said on the community chat, he was turning “dolphin into sushi”. Gibbler had quite the run betting NCAA Basketball, at one point hitting his six bets in a row.

Special Mentions:

  • #6 DOUBLEJ (+$2,252) laid down a mini-beating of his own on a very game #11 Goku777 (+$179) to advance. He is a potential darkhorse.

🚨 Upset of the Day: #16 Racerxyz (+$31) vs. MiamiSammy (-$1,572)

Racerxyz pulls off the biggest possible upset of the tournament, taking down the #1 seed of the entire tournament in the opening round. Racerxyz grinded out a solid +$31 profit on the day, and then from there, essentially benefited from MiamiSammy blowing up on NCAA basketball. We weren’t lying when we said this tournament format gives anyone a chance!

Special Mentions:

  • #14 MantisTobogganMD (-$15) takes down #3 Ryankamuf (-$642), setting up a 2nd round match with #11 Capcommi
  • #13 Heavyarms ($522) posts a relatively massive one-day total to advance past floundering #4 RRRAWESOME (-$343)

📈 Comeback of the Day: #4 PTitty (+$146) vs. #13 Eric (+$14)

Never say never. #4 PTitty was trailing by more than $400 late last nigh with only one last possible game to bet on: a late-night Tennis Match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Lorenzo Musetti in the ATP Acapulco tournament. PTitty proceeded to unload his entire account on Tsitsipas to cover the spread, which he did, just in-time, to complete the buzzer-beating comeback. KOBE!

Special Mentions:

  • #7 SAG (+$533) completed a comeback of his own, recovering from negative territory to take down a competitive #10 Rhawkins (+$3)

🗓 Key Dates

Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • March 19/20th: 1st Round Matchups
  • March 21/22nd: 2nd Round Matchups
  • March 27/28th: Sweet 16 Matchups
  • March 29/30th: Elite 8 Matchups
  • April 3rd: Final 4 Matchups
  • April 5th: The Finals

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