The Next Generation Wallet


“Invest Together and Earn Big within your Community Pool”


Our main purpose is to grant investors the opportunity to handle their funds like professional venture capitalists, invest in emerging crypto projects and maximise their profits.

Paypool Finance is a DeFi-Powered wallet and investment ecosystem built for cross-chain token exchange and trading, where users create “Pools” that would allow them to set specific tasks and rules in a decentralised and interoperable platform.

Paypool Finance supports Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain.

Paypool Ecosystem

Paypool is a wallet
Paypool is a DeFi investment tool
Paypool is a customizable pool ecosystem
Paypool is an enterprise crypto payroll

Paypool Finance is boosted by a team of blockchain, cybersecurity, and financial experts.

“We have designed the DeFi wallet and investment ecosystem of the future!”