Why Investment is better than day trading in terms of cryptocurrency?

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Nowadays on social media like youtube and Facebook people tell you how they become a millionaire through cryptocurrency trading. I have also bought some of their course and they tell you to focus on basic indicators and do leverage trading.

First of all only a few indicators are not enough to make money through trading. you need to know other things also to make a successful trade. You need to decide where to take profit and where to set the stop loss. You need to know where is the trend going and when to get in. There should be also a good risk to profit ratio.

But, Today I will be not talking about how to trade. I am sharing why I think investment in a good project is better than day trading in terms of cryptocurrency.

First of all, you should know only less than 10% of people make money through day trading. Where 90% of them lose their money. Many people feel that crypto trading is a get-rich-quick scheme. But, It is a complex thing especially when you are using leverage trading and new to trading.

Do you know most exchanges make a massive amount of money from leverage trading? That's the reason you see that banner ads that says join us and use 100x leverage. Crypto is already a volatile market so using more than 10x leverage doesn’t make sense to me.

Most of the people only see how people are earning from crypto but they are not seeing that people are losing thousands of dollars trading crypto. In social media, these trading gurus don't share their losses. Most of them only share their successful trade. They will never share unsuccessful trades because if they do so who will buy their expensive course and join their trading signal group paying hundreds of dollars.

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In the case of investment, you have to research its potential and its team. If your invested coin drops a few percent, it will not affect you because you know about the project. you might be holding it for the medium-term or long term. If the project is doing good and provides good value to the user. It will go up and you don't need to look for the price every minute.

From my personal experience, Investing in cryptocurrency for the long term is more profitable and also less stressful. Most of the people I know make good money through investing in good projects which have a good team and are also useful for solving a particular problem.

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I am not saying that if you invest your winning chances are 100% and when you do day trading you lose all of your money. My point here is day trading is not that simple and there are other factors such as fee, high risk, and if you are new to crypto that can be extremely difficult for you to be in profit.

That way, I recommend you to do your own research about the project if you are interested or you think that has a good future. Invest in these kinds of projects. I can grantee you that this way is less risky, less stress and it is the secret of being rich.