Zillacracy Strategically Invests In Revolutionary Content Creator Tokenisation and NFT Platform


We’re proud to announce Zillacracy has strategically invested into Xcademy.

Xcademy is allowing content creators to tokenize themselves, whilst also allowing supporters to earn rewards for engaging with their favourite online creators with no changes to their existing workflow. As well as allowing creators to tokenize themselves, XCADEMY also allows them to create NFTs for their fan base & is expected to launch an NFT marketplace for creators.

The platform itself will run on the YouTube ecosystem and allow users to tap into DeFi on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Zillacracy has taken a position within Xcademy to help support development and market the project once release.

Blockchain Andy — Zillacracy Head of Marketing

“Xcademy is building a revolutionary platform that is not trying to reinvent the wheel but integrate their product within an existing platform. The platform itself will bring much needed attention to the Zilliqa blockchain and the next wave of adoption to blockchain.

Investing and supporting the project is a simple decision, and we’re excited for the full release of the Xcademy platform.”

More news on the Xcademy platform will be released soon, so stay tuned and follow them on Twitter and Telegram.

Twitter — https://twitter.com/xcademyofficial?lang=en

Telegram — https://t.me/xcademy

Website — https://www.xcademy.com/